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Commercial Solar Development Services

Circular focuses on delivering innovative energy solutions to commercial, business, institutional and industrial customers. With extensive knowledge of designing, engineering and constructing high-quality and long-lasting solar power plants, we provide our customers with the best possible return on their investment.

Add Solar to Your Energy Portfolio

Solar technology continues to evolve rapidly, providing your business with more choice and better solutions. Solar gives you the option to diversify your energy portfolio and hedge against rising electricity costs.

Circular Energy Solar Development Services

Site Prospecting
Feasibility Studies
Rebate & Incentive Determination
Power Bill Analysis & Requirements
Project Finance Options
System Layouts
Environmental Impact
Engineering & Design
Installation & Commissioning

Howdy Honda Solar Installation

Size: 214 kW PV System
Annual Production: 334,212 kWh
CO2 Offset: 230 Metric Tons of CO2

Circular designed a custom solution to provide solar power to the Howdy Honda Auto Dealership in Austin, Texas. The solar panels atop Howdy Honda will save the dealership at least $385,000 dollars on energy costs over the next 10 years, with over $1.35 million dollars in cumulative savings forecasted over the 25-year system lifetime and solar panel warranty period.

Interested in learning more about solar options for your business?

Solar Operations & Maintenance Services

Circular Energy’s Solar Operations & Maintenance (O&M) department provides long-term solutions for optimizing your solar power system’s performance. To ensure your solar power plant is performing optimally, we offer customized Solar O&M services to suit your facility’s needs and support your internal resources – whether you have the staff on-site or not.

With a Circular Energy maintenance agreement in place, customers are able focus on their own work, with peace of mind that their solar facility is performing optimally all year round.

Solar O&M Packages

  • Inspection of Inverters, Logged Inverter Data
  • Inspection of PV Modules & Connections
  • Inspection of Monitoring Systems
  • Inspection of Support Structure
  • Customer Report Provided Within 15 Days
  • Detailed Inspection of Support Structure
  • Detailed Inspection of Wiring & Connections
  • Comprehensive Review of Historical Data 
  • Thermo Scan of All Interconnection Points
  • System Performance Test & Verification
  • Inspection of Meterological Station
  • Calibration of Meterological Station
  • Spare Parts Inventory Management
  • General Site Conditions Inspection 
  • Inspection of Site Safety Aspects
  • Biannual Report on Site Production

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