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Tito’s Handmade Vodka Ground Mount
2.04 MW

Circular Energy provided a turnkey installation of a 2-megawatt ground mount solar array in Austin, Texas. The system consists of over 6,000 panels over 10 acres of land across the street from Tito’s facilities.   For this solar installation, Circular Energy conducted an analysis and the main objectives were to understand the appropriate system size to deliver the most clean power over the available real estate, the largest system output to offset electricity charges as the distillery and bottling grew into the future, and making sure we meet our customer’s investment criteria. The 2-megawatt installation is connected to the Bluebonnet Electric Coop grid through a 12.0kV step-up transformer. Circular Energy worked closely with Tito’s, Bluebonnet and our subcontractors to create a highly desirable, green power solution for everyone’s benefit.  This installation is the largest privately-owned, individually-held solar installation of clean renewable solar power in the state of Texas.