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McCormick Vision Center
45.50 kW
60,377 kWh

McCormick Vision Source has been serving Austin, Texas since 1989. Dr. John McCormick founded the practice. He decided to go solar because of the great benefits and savings it would represent to his business. McCormick Vision Center was eligible to take advantage of Austin Energy’s rebate program.

The solar equipment, which meets Austin Energy program requirements, includes a 45.50 kW DC solar system with associated inverters rated at 95.5% efficiency. A total of 35 kW-AC in demand savings is expected. This energy improvement will save an estimated 60,377 kWh per year—enough to provide electricity to five average Austin homes for a year—and produce an estimated 60 Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) per year. These savings are equivalent to the planting of 931 trees or 47 acres of forest in Austin’s parks or the removal of 81,399 vehicle miles or seven cars from Austin roadways. This project will save 40 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2); 50 pounds of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2); 56 pounds of Nitrogen Oxide (NOX), and 39 pounds of Carbon Monoxide (CO) from being emitted into the atmosphere.