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Circular Energy Named SolarWorld Installation Partner

Circular Energy is proud to announce a new partnership with SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar module manufacturer. Under their new agreement, SolarWorld recognizes Circular Energy as a solar installation partner, granting them access to the most comprehensive and benefit-rich program available to top-tier installers.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with SolarWorld,” said Mark Rangel, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Circular Energy. “In addition to being granted opportunities to install SolarWorld’s  projects in our region – from Georgia to Arizona and up to Colorado – Circular Energy now has the access to a wide range of complimentary services, cost-saving discounts and preferential statuses,” he added.

Since 1975, SolarWorld has been producing American-made solar cells and modules, helping the industry grow with high-quality products and services.

“SolarWorld is one of the oldest and largest American solar manufacturers, and has created hundreds of American jobs and supported hundreds more solar businesses. We are humbled to have the opportunity to develop large projects with them and improve America’s dependence on foreign and nonrenewable energy supplies—cleanly and sustainably while supporting the American economy,” added Rangel.

Circular Energy expects to install over 1.85 MW worth of SolarWorld products in 2016, or more than 5,800 SolarWorld modules.

About Circular Energy

Circular Energy is changing the way business owners buy electricity. With headquarters in Austin, Texas, Circular Energy brings over 100 years of energy expertise focused on renewable energy solutions, innovative electricity products and energy intelligence. Circular Energy is dedicated to helping American businesses with high-quality, affordable, resilient and sustainable energy solutions. Learn more about a solar energy solution for your business by calling Circular Energy at 844-776-7693 or visiting